Sunrise on Pearly Pond. Photo by Gordon Ripley
Sunrise on Pearly Pond / Photo by Gordon Ripley



 at the Barbara C. Harris Center, Greenfield, New Hampshire has been moved to May 6-8, 2022 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


We also remember the life and poetry of one of our founders, Patricia Fargnoli, with two of her poems.

Click here to listen to “Fox” read by poet Kyle Potvin.

Clear here to listen to poet Meg Kearney reads “Request.”

Both videos created by Gabriel Parker at Stillwater Video.

The Monadnock New Pastoral School of Poetry & Writing

The poetry and fiction of Pam Bernard, Jim Beschta, Terry Farish, John Hodgen, Rodger Martin, Susan Roney-O’Brien, and Rebecca Rule, as well as emeritae Adelle Leiblein and Rebecca Rule, have shaped the Monadnock School of New Pastoral Poetry, now called the Mondadnock Pastoral Poets and Writers.

Inhabiting the central New England region dominated by a magnificent mountain, these writers have been brought together by landscape and nature, writers who have devoted their lives to language, and who now freely share their passion and knowledge.

Click on the photo of a mentor you wish to know more about.

Pam Bernard

James Beschta

Terry Farish

John Hodgen

Rodger Martin

Diane Mulligan

Susan Roney-O’Brien

Rebecca Rule, emeritus

Pat Fargonoli, 1937-2021

Samuel Clemens, May 31, 1906

“Monadnock is always impressive, always majestic, always beautiful, with a beauty whose phrases are
 as manifold as those that are working their enchantments upon that valley yonder which stretches away
 and away, on a morning like this, until its hundred shades of green melt into blue, and the blue becomes
 a dream and melts and mingles with the base of heaven under the remote horizon.”

 –Samuel Clemens,
Autobiography of Mark Twain,
(UCAL PRESS, Berkley: 2013)

Mt. Monadnock / Photo by C. Degutis

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